Monday, February 24, 2014

Haters ... and 2p2

Got an interesting infraction the other day on 2p2.  I dont blame the MODs or anything because they are just doing theyre job and due their due diligence when things are reported.  2p2 shows who reported your post said i was spamming.  That My Logo is a direct link to our website (which its not).  But thats not the interesting things its the guy that reported it is whats interesting.  Another affiliate on some other site.  You can Skype me, email me and I will out his name because he is bad for the game.
DMS is a site me and a partner created to help players with theyre issues.  Again the market is rough and any kind of help is good help.  We are not in it for the money, yes we do receive a cut but we max out every deal a player can receive + extra.  So we give you the best deal out there.  But this fcking douchebag reports me for having my logo up.  Its funny cause he has a similar logo up, Lets call him "K" for now to make things easier.  On his profile he "ignores trolls" which is quite funny because I have spoken to this douche before.  Just another affiliate that probably barely grinds and just out there to make his cut of the pie not giving a shit about his clients.  How annoying, like I said if you find a good affiliate, whether its DMS or not just stick to them because they are hard to find.