Wednesday, March 12, 2014


For those of you that have not heard theres a new skin called SUPERWINS poker.   Multiple sources tie this to Lock poker and those of you unfamiliar with the situation know that people that have been playing on that site have not been getting paid.   This is a shame and from what I read the guy that runs this is an affiliate of Lock poker which to me basically seals the deal in providing enough evidence that anyone is ever going to get any money back (not that there wasn’t any before).   They are just trying to milk people for money, maybe pay a few cashouts here and there but the end result will be the same.  Wait time of a year and over.  

Its just so sick how people can do this and get away with it in plain site.  Its just a total scum bag move on their part on how much deception has been going on since the site has been up.  Its probably just run by a bunch of douche bag losers that cant think of anything else to do but jack players that are just trying to get on for fun.  I say that because that’s the only kind of player that’s going to sign up on theyre site.  The kind of player that just doesn’t know any better and that doesn’t know what’s going on.  Sorry to everyone that has money tied up on lock but as far as getting any kind of money back that’s just not going to happen.   This is just another black eye for poker and we have lock poker to thank for it.  Superwin poker is a huge gamble, play at your own risk.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



It happens to almost every poker player.  The dreaded word TILT, and wanted to know how you guys react to it.  I never really thought about this in depth but since im blogging I can actually collect my thoughts and think about the things I do.  So here is an unedited rant:  
One thing that gets me on tilt of course is losing more buyins then I should.  There are a few specific sessions that for me that could have been disastrous.  You know how there is categories of what kind of players there are whether it be “fish” “nit” “whale” etc etc.  There should be color coding on sites that change a players color when you think they are on tilt haha.  But probably a few years in to when I started online poker I was the type of person that would tilt UP.  This means I would jump stakes and theres this one particular time on Fulltilt poker where I did just that.  I started at 200nl and was losing, I think I was down a grand so I decided to go to 400nl and chase my losses.  I think by 600 hands I was suck close to 3k total.  I was fcking steaming!!! So I decided to jump stakes again and try to win that back and play a little 2knl 6max. Keep in mind that I was a fullring grinder and one of the first times that I sit in 6 max im buying in for 2k.  Basically to make a long story short I stack off with A 10 with 2 A A brick brick iirc.  Villian had 222 so there goes another stack.  So im down 5k and by the time I got off all my tables im stuck close to 7k.  Im probably only like 1500 hands in and decide fck it, cant move down to make this shit back gotta move up.  So I sit at 5knl (6max) deep lol.  So I buy in for 10k rofl at an empty table and it fills up real fast HAHA.  YES I GOT ACTION.  So im sitting there steaming with 10k at 5k 6mx and a few hands in I get J 10.  I think it was 250 to me and I call.  Flop was Q K x.  And I donk lead like an idiot into the raiser hahaha and of course he raises me to like 1500 and I call with my straight draw.  I turn it and I just shove like a fish.  He tanks for awhile and calls me with AA and boom….13k pot lol. So what turned out to be a bad set ended up to be a not so bad set.  I think I was 1600 hands in and I was now only down 1.6-1.8k and decided to just get off.  I could have been down a lot more but after that set I learned my lesson.  A fellow grinder who I turned out to be good friends with Tulegit21 got mad at me because he looked on PTR and replayed my disastrous play and asked me WTF was I thinking.  Ill always remember that set and told myself I would never do that again.

Other bad habits that I used to have was throwing shit around.  Whatever was around me I would toss or break because I was so upset.  I didn’t care who was around me.  If people were over I wont still slam the table or slow a jar of jelly bellies haha.  See below - But I don’t do much of that anymore.  I think I broke a mouse recently but at least I thought about not throwing it even though I did it anyways. 
Another kind of tilt I go through is when someone is trying to talk to me when im playing.  Im hella focusing and your asking me a question… ugh.  I don’t get mad but inside im steaming.  I cant get mad AT the person though because it’s a stupid reason to get over so sometimes I either lighten my load and play less tables or just get off altogether.  So I figured out the solution to that problem which isn’t really a solution but it’s the best I can come up with.  


I still go on tilt to this day but not because of how much I lose but because I made a play or made a mistake in a particular hand.  That’s what makes me tilt now more then anything is if I fck up on a certain hand.  There are some things in poker that you cannot control but the things you can you have to maximize your value in those spots.  So I think ive grown in this aspect from that dreaded day on FTP haha.  So my advice to anyone reading this post is to just try to stay controlled and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.  It can turn the best player in the worst player and the nittiest player into the biggest fish.