Thursday, December 19, 2013

Poker - Prioritize your Health

Poker and the importance of being healthy,

Something that I have not practiced until recently and it shows in your results.  Ive seen it from both ends, the mindless unhealthy grind, party lifestyle to my present day poker, diet and working out.  One graph goes up and the other looks like you threw a rock down a cliff.  You should never sacrifice your health for anything.  Im not trying to preach this, but its something that everyone should be doing.  Taking care of your body will help you grind better, be more alert and just overall feel much better.   As opposed to having redbulls, pizza, and sitting on your chair grinding for 16 hrs a day.  That shit will put you to your grave early.  My schedule is getting 8 hours of sleep.  Before I would get between 0-4 hrs a day for my 3 year elite run.  I also cook most of my meals and if I do go out i try to stay healthy as well.  I do crossfit and have always tried to work out but right now I have to say im in the best shape of my life.  When I was working out when I was mass grinding it would not be as effective in that I didnt get enough sleep or didnt eat right.  I mean dont get me wrong an occasional splurge of some burgers and fries with some beer can be a reward for a good week.  No need to go crazy on this but just have a good balance and incorporate a good diet and exercise.  And everyone pleeeeeeeease drop the soda and substitute it with something else. In my posts ill try to give out health tips to help you guys grind. 

Health tip of the week-
On my desk I have a hand gripper machine.  I wish I practiced this earlier but it helps.  I mean who wants carpal tunnel?